Espai del Peix

Espai del Peix, located in an unbeatable space at the port of Palamós, wants to contribute to the knowledge,  sustainability and gastronomy of the products of the sea, putting value and pedagogy of those species little quoted, but with a high culinary and gastronomic value. 

The objectives of this cultural facility are to promote the cooking of fresh fish from the coast as a key element of the Mediterranean diet and to foster knowledge of the fishing world in order to enhance the fishing profession. For this reason it has a specific programme of activities based on the research, discovery, knowledge, tasting and value of fish from the fish auction of Palamós and traditional seafood: guided tours, live show-cookings, cooking workshops, presentations, conferences... 

Museu de la Pesca

Un projecte de la Fundació Promediterrània
Moll Pesquer, s/n. 17230 Palamós
972 600 424 | infomuseu@palamos.cat